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About Us

Allegro Dance Company is a touring company performing traditional Italian dances from Italy as well as offering a contemporary look at Italian culture today. We also offer various types of workshops and lecture/demonstrations that can inspire, enhance and motivate audiences of all ages to dance. We can design a workshop or performance that fits your needs whether it be for schools, educational groups or cultural celebrations.

We can travel anywhere to perform or hold a residency for a length of time. 

Workshops / Performances that we  can offer for your school or venue:

  • Italian Traditional Dance:   Learn Dances from different regions of Italy from the north to the south. Dance such as: Tarantella, Pizzica, Giga and many more! 
  • Modern Dance/ Improvisation:  using improvisation, moving sculptures and partnering exercises to learn about choreography.
  • Ballet  or Jazz:  Focusing on technique, barre work, leaps, turns and center combinations.
  • Fitness Classes: Yoga & Pilates. Gain strength and flexibilty! We can guide your students or employees through a stress relieving, toning workout that will energize and refresh your body.
  • Ballroom Dance: Learn to Waltz, Swing, Rumba, Tango or Cha-cha! Let us bring our workshops to you!
  • Lecture/Demonstrations:  taking the students/audience on an Italian historical journey with usage of Video, Photos and audience participation! Incorporating geography, history and art all in one lesson.
  • Liturgical Dance:   A wedding ceremony or special worship celebrations, Allegro can choreograph a spiritual dance that enhances your special celebration. Invite dancers to perform with ribbons or candles to light the way for the bride and groom or add a dance element to your psalm or scripture reading.
  • Wedding Reception: Allegro can also perform for the wedding reception or anniversary party ! Entertain your guests!