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Pilates from a Chair & stretch band


Breathe  - (wrap band around back and breathe in and out --expand ribcage when you breathe in)

Ribcage (arm raises) -Hold band in front then raise up & down -try to stabilize the ribs.

Shoulder Shrugs

Neck ( looking R &L)

WORKOUT: seated on a chair

·        Marches - holding band in front  of chest for a challenge

·         Bend and stretch leg - one leg kicking out in front

·         Lower & lift - keep leg straight & flex ankle

·         Oblique twist - twist just upper body

·         Oblique twist with 1 leg up

·         Bicep curl -step on band with 1 or two feet and pull up towards shoulders

·         Upright row  -bend elbow

·         Shoulder lift - arms with band to sides of body

·         Pecs -band in front and stretch across

·         Mermaid -stretch side to side - band over head

·         Stand up and sit down in the chair 


Try this FREE Workout below : 

*Always check with your doctor before starting an exercise program.

Remember to add cardio to build stamina and strength as well.

Cardio ideas: Fast paced walking, Jogging or Ballroom Dance !

Try this workout 3 to 5 times a week.

Abdominal workout

10 crunches in each of the following positions:

  • Both feet flat on the floor,
  • Both legs in table top,
  • Legs straight up with toes extended,
  • Legs in a V
  • Rotate legs outward with toes touching and keep knees bent ,
  • come back to table top (legs parallel)
  • Both feet back down to floor.

25 Bicycle crunches thinking of twisting throughout the ribcage to work obliques

Push -ups

10 with knees bent

25 plank style (change where hands are placed to vary this)

Hold still in the Plank position for 30 sec and work up to a minute.