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The Dance Floor Podcast
The Dance Floor
The Dance Floor

 THE DANCE FLOOR where life lessons are learned through the art of dance.

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Episode 1 - Auditions - the do's and don'ts of auditioning. Special Guest Dee Demby

Episode 2 - Music & Dance  Guest: Josh Garrett

Episode 3 - Theater  Guest: Dr. Kayla Hudimac

Episode 4-  Performing Advice  Guest: Corinne Tork

Episode 5 - 25th Silver Anniversary Tour  Anna Harsh

Episode 6 - Dance auditions Guest: Danielle Betscher

Episode 7 - 2019 What a year!  Anna Harsh

Episode 8 - 2020 Meditation for the soul. Anna Harsh

Episode 9 - Music & Pandemic Guest: Eli Lambie

Episode 10- I got the Music in me  Guest: Justin Jones

Episode 11 - Part 1 Poetry  Guest: Austin Gage

Episode 12- Part 2 Poetry  Guest: Austin Gage

Episode 13 - Swing Dance Guest: Matt Richey

Episode 14 - Italian Life Guests: Mr./Mrs. Marotta

Episode 15 - Family & Festival Guests: Stephen Pishner & Diana Walker