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Allegro Dance Company

Director/ Founder
Anna Harsh 

Preserving authentic Italian dances for the next generation.

What we offer:

Tarantella dance workshops,


Documentary screenings

Italian Book Talks

We offer so many bonuses:  


  • Get paid to perform
  • Learn authentic Italian dances
  • Network with others 
  • Perform for various venues
  • Travel to new places 
  • Make lifelong friendships
  • Help preserve the Italian dances for the future generation
Tarantella with us!

You are welcome to join our circle of dancers.

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Allegro's history & mission: 

Our Mission:
To preserve these ancient Italian dances for the next generation, teach traditions and have a sense of community. 
Allegro Dance Company was formed out of the love and inspiration of being an Italian-American by founder and director Anna Pishner Harsh. Anna's grandparents made a home when they came to the United States in the early 1920's from Reggio di Calabria.
Anna holds a M.A. degree in Communication from WVU and a B.A. degree in Dance from Slippery Rock University. Through her extensive research in Italy over the years with various teachers, she continues to grow Allegro’s repertoire of authentic dances to share with audiences of all ages. Dances that date back thousands of years. These precious dances hold history, express various emotions and are sacred and ceremonial.

Allegro has toured the United States and Italy giving workshops and spectacular performances for festivals, cultural events and universities.They have performed for the late Pope John Paul II, toured with several symphonies and taken master classes from flag wavers from Italy. Being featured in Fra Noi magazine, NIAF Ambassador Magazine among others have all praised their accomplishments over the years.

Since 1994, Allegro has presented their lively and entertaining showcases of authentic, traditional Italian dances as well as their contemporary and innovative choreography inspired by Italian life. Allegro preserves the Italian heritage and traditions for the next generation to enjoy and treasure.

Today, Allegro is one of the only touring dance companies in the United States performing these precious dances.
Dance is a means of communication or story-telling through movement.  When we dance, we speak. 
We love sharing and teaching these dances to preserve them. 
Join Allegro and help us preserve these beautiful dances for tomorrow !