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What we offer

Allegro Dance Company

Touring season is from May - September 

Family friendly showcases that are entertaining, lively and interactive!

Group Workshops:

Fun lessons that are interactive and entertaining for crowds.

Learn authentic Italian dances including various tarantellas, graceful northern dances.

Get the whole family on their feet and preserve the culture by learning these dances!

Time: 30 -1hr workshops online or in person. 

Fees: Travel, Workshop with a free book signing with Director Anna Harsh 

Performances we offer:

Best of Italy
Traveling through the county from the north to the south with dances and story-telling from 4-6 regions. 
Southern dances could include regions of Campagnia, Calabria and Puglia. 
Northern dances could include regions of Emilia-Romagna and Lombardia.
Experience an explosive performance with a colorful array of costumes that will delight the audience of all ages.
This high energy show will get the heart beating.
Time: 30mins -1hr 
Fees: travel & performance, overnight stay if needed
Wedding / Anniversary Celebrations
Add a solo performance to your wedding reception or anniversary party !
Invite your guests to learn a lively tarantella at the reception.
  • Festivals
  • Universities
  • Birthday Parties
  • Cultural Events 
  • Libraries
  • Parades
  • Art museums
  • Baseball games