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What we offer

Allegro Dance Company

Offers Workshops, performances & cultural talks for various groups.

Our touring season is from May - September 

Family friendly showcases that are entertaining, lively and interactive!

What kind of events we do:

  • Festivals
  • Schools & Universities
  • Birthday Parties
  • Cultural Events 
  • Library events
  • Parades
  • Art museums
  • Baseball games
  • Wedding receptions
  • Family reunions
  • Book signings 
  • Speaking engagements

Group Workshops for the community:

Our group workshops for the community are fun and interactive, with step-by-step instructions on authentic Italian dances including southern tarantellas as well as the graceful northern dances.

Perfect for all ages, these workshops are a great way to preserve culture and get everyone on their feet.

Time: 30min -1hr workshops online or in person. 
Fees include: Travel & Workshop 


Best of Italy
Best of Italy showcase takes audiences on a journey from the north to the south of Italy, featuring dances and storytelling from various regions.
From Campagnia to Calabria, Emilia-Romagna to Lombardia, our high-energy performances with colorful costumes are sure to captivate any audience.
Time: 30mins -1hr 
Fees include: travel, lodging & performance.
Wedding / Anniversary Celebrations
Adding a solo performance adds an extra touch of fun with a lively tarantella dance that guests can join in on.
Invite your guests to learn a southern tarantella at the reception.
Time: 30 mins
Fee: Travel & performance fee